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An Introduction to Noh and Kyogen Books

A Guide To Noh

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P.G. O'Neill

A collection of summaries of the approximately 240 plays which make up the repertories of the five schools of Noh, this book is intended primarily for those who are able to see Noh plays but who, either through language difficulties or lack of background, are unable to appreciate them in the same way as Japanese audience members. The development of the action falls into place with these story outlines and it becomes possible to better appreciate the elements of song and dance. A brief introduction to Noh, a listing of Noh theatres, and a short bibiliography are included.

A Guide to Kyogen

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Don Kenny

A collection of synopses of the 257 plays in the repertories of the Izumi and Okura Schools, the two Kyogen traditions in existance at the present time, this is a basic guide to the comedy vignette form which developed in conjunction with the Noh drama. An understanding of the characters and the course of the development of the action enhances the enjoyment of this form which includes slapstick, clever repartee, and farce as it holds up a mirror to the foibles of humanity.

Ze-Ami and His Theories of Noh Drama

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Masaru Sekine

For over five centuries the essays of Ze-Ami, considered to be the founder of Noh, were kept secret, until recently shown to no more than one Noh actor in each generation.

In this work Ze-Ami's ideas are divided into eight chapters:

  1. The History of Noh
  2. Five Groups of Noh Plays
  3. Training
  4. Acting
  5. Writing a Play
  6. Public Tachiai Competitions and Grades of Acting
  7. The Audience
  8. Hana

A select bibliography and glossary are also included in this useful introduction for western readers to understanding the history of Noh and its practice and technique.

NOH (An Introduction to Noh)


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Chifumi Shimazaki

This is the last of a series of three volumes dealing with the category of sanban-me-mono or Woman Noh, the genre considered to best represent the quality of yugen, graceful beauty. The five Noh in the present volume are taken from episodes found in the Heike Monogatari; two are of the 'vision' type in which the main character is a spirit, and the remaining three are of the 'reality' type in which living characters appear.

The five plays are:

  3. SENJU
  4. YUYA

The plays appear in parallel translations with running commentaries, two tables related to sanban-me-mono and a glossary of technical terms are also included.


Principal Branch of the Kanze Noh School
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